About Us


The story started with the formation of Rajni International (RI) in 1986 by Mr Arvind Birla as a small Kolkata based trading company, representing European combustion equipment. What started as a mere trading company, is now a commercially viable, customer- centric service providing organization. Over the years the group has expanded across the country and its neighbours with over 10,000 installations across Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to name a few. We now sell products as well as solutions.


The Rajni group consists of the following functionally enabled subsidiaries with a specific vision for each.

Rajni International
The founding company of the group, it primarily engages in sales and marketing of our products. RI is also a sole trading proprietary firm enabling it's customers to import equipment directly.

Rajni Combustions Pvt ltd
It conducts activities pertaining to local sales of burners and spare parts, and it also maintains stock to meet emergency requirements.

Rajni Engineers and Services Pvt Ltd
The service wing provides a host of engineering services including but not limited to industrial burners. Our products come backed by an exceptional team of service engineers, trained across India and Europe. The quality of our products and added services are the strength of the organisation.


Rajni group to be recognised within the top three combustion engineering equipment and solution providers in the country.
We strive to create capability through people development to fulfil combustion needs across the country.


To be known as a solution provider first, equipment provider later.
Help customers receive returns on their investments.
Provide eco friendly and safe operations.
Help set up and maintain calibrated and automated heating systems for clients.
Develop systems for automatic audits and checks.
Aim at zero downtime with services and spares provision.
Help buyers become experts in the products they purchase.
Diversify our clientele across the nation over time.

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